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Specialty Classes

Quest for Space

This year NBCA is pleased to be partnering with the Quest for Space Program to attain STEM learning objectives with an innovative and hands-on approach.  During this course, students will create an experiment, launch it into space, and run it on the International Space Station.  To learn more about this initiative please check out the video and brochure linked below:

                    Quest for Space Brochure







Other NBCA specialty classes may include:

  • Amazon future Engineer Program

  • Computer Science/Coding

  • Crossfit high school class

  • Barton Dyslexia Tutoring

  • ESL Class

  • High School wood shop

  • Latin

  • SAT Prep

  • Jazz band

  • Drama

  • Ceramics

  • 3D Printing

Beta ISS Program Promo 2016 - Quest for Space

Beta ISS Program Promo 2016 - Quest for Space

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