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Academic Standards

NBCA has identified 17 spiritual and academic standards that enable us to teach and fulfill our mission statement. We call these standards ESLR's, Expected School Wide Learning Results. As we fulfill the following standards, we accomplish our goals in 4 areas:  Spiritual, Self-development, Social, and Scholastic.


Expected School-Wide Learning Results - NBCA students will be taught to be:

Christian Worldview Defenders

        Compare and contrast various worldview systems with Truth

        Develop moral reasoning and rational thinking

        Understand God and His work in their lives through Biblical studies


Committed Learners

        Self-directed learners taking personal responsibility for their habits, health, mind, and spirit

        Demonstrate organizational and time management skills

        Set realistic personal and academic goals in order to become life-long learners



        Read, write, speak, and listen reflectively and critically

        Demonstrate competence in research, documentation and ethical use of technology/media

        Uplift truth, beauty and goodness through artistic and personal expression

        Interact respectfully and resolve conflicts through Biblical training


Critical Thinkers:

        Draw conclusions from research, personal analysis and investigation

        Apply problem solving strategies to real-life scenarios

        Identify, locate, analyze and organize information or data


Community Contributors:

        Model responsible patriotism and citizenship

        Practice social and environmental responsibility

        Develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures, traditions and languages

        Contribute to the achievement of group/team work

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