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Nbca Advantage

Where are they now?

North Bay Christian Academy alumni are thriving! They received a stellar college prep education that not only prepared them for college and beyond, but actually propelled them to the top of their undergraduate and graduate classes. Our alumni are becoming top Summa Cum Laude published scientists, like Nicole McIntosh (2012) and Summa Cum Laude Cal Berkeley alumni Cristina Ghirardo (2015) who was recruited by the top psychiatrist at Cal Berkeley to manage his lab. Joshua Brindley (2018) is a sophomore biology major in the Honors program at Dominican University who was just selected to the Kaiser pre-med program and will be shadowing doctors in Spain this summer. Heidi Morales (2015) is a dental hygienist and Tommy Tung (Chinese international student 2015) went on to get his masters at UCLA and is now a music professor in China. North Bay Christian Academy students have gone on to become lawyers, Air Force pilots, scientists, engineers, social workers, teachers, construction managers, park rangers, marketing managers, and much more. We make it our goal to equip our students for the rigors of college and more importantly for life, and they are emphatically succeeding!

At NBCA our unique student to teacher ratio promotes an educational program that can be customized to each individual's strengths.  This paves the way for students to build impressive resumes through increased access to leadership positions, teacher support, scholarship opportunities, and more.  We invite you to check out the video submission below from a NBCA student for the 2020 Breakthrough Junior Challenge launched by Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking.

North Bay Christian Academy offers a wide array of Extra Curricular Activities for students, their parents and the whole family.  Our program prepares students for success both inside and outside the class.  Here are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by members of our community:


For nbca students:


Christ centered

Safe environment (zero tolerance for bullying)

More personal attention from teachers

95% college acceptance rate

Student Government opportunities

Art program

Jazz Band

On-site Barton dyslexia tutoring with certified professionals

Community Outreach Activities          

Boys and Girls Athletics (Members of CIF Northcoast Section)    

Girls BACAL basketball champions 2011-2014

Boys BACAL basketball champions 2011


For nbca students & families

Counseling, Marriage Classes & Parenting Classes

Over 36 years of serving Bay area families

WASC/ACSI Accredited


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